Let Him In Your Heart

Photo: Lds.org

This picture of Jesus knocking at the door hangs on the wall by my back door. It is a reminder to my family and I to invite our Savior into both our hearts (and homes) by the way we think and behave.

Because Jesus never forces His love or will on us, it’s important for us to ask: would this invite Him in, or would it send Him away from us? I know that when I become angry and yell (I grew up in Queens, NY with loud parents), I can sometimes feel the sudden absence of the Holy Spirit. I’m slowly getting better at controlling my frustration now that my sons are growing up, but wow, it’s been a tough road!

My goal as the heart of my home and family has always been to invite Him in, as we can not afford to live in this dark world without His guidance, love and protection. I’ve found that the more I remember to pray and read my scriptures, the closer I feel to the Lord. Every night we say “family prayer,” where we take turns praying for our family and friends. For a while we read scriptures together every night as part of my Pathway class assignment, and then when we went to California and Las Vegas to see my brother-in-law for Christmas, it threw us out of the schedule we had.

I believe that this blog, which I bought the domain for tonight, will help me stay focused on having a lifetime of faith and be a light to the world.


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