Family Friends

On Sunday afternoon we visited our family friends, Millie and Barry. My dad was friends with Millie’s husband, Gary, who died in 2009. Gary is also my cousin’s wife’s uncle on her mom’s side.

Barry is her neighbor who became our friend, and my dad found out that they share a relative! I think Barry would be like my dad’s second or third generation nephew due to the age difference, but I would have to do the math.

This is one of the many reasons that I LOVE family history. We are more connected to each other than we realize, and sometimes all it takes are family photos and questions…

Our New Life in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, PA Incline

It has been hectic since we moved to the New Castle area. It’s been a difficult move; we even had to “live” in a motel for about 3 weeks!

The movers messed up a number of our belongings, although we found out that the people who were unloading the moving truck were hired from Craigslist. They carried boxes that were upside down and a lot of them were crushed. We’ve had to wait for electric, gas, and water. We don’t have an oven yet for either unit as we wait for Lowes to deliver them.

Jim and the kids live in half of the duplex, and Billy, Mirna and my parents live in the other half. We even have different addresses! I’m so grateful that our porch no longer looks like this. We still have many boxes to unpack, but at least the hardest part is over!